Last updated: April 7th, 2016

Spring and Summer 2016 Schedule

All programs are held at LBH Hockey Training Facility, 54 Broadway St., Dover, NH 03820.

Spring and Summer Off Ice Training Programs

Join us at the only dedicated Hockey Training Facility in the area. Our professionally designed weight room will help our athletes improve on strength, balance, explosiveness and agility among many others that will help us on the ice. The use of our Synthetic Ice sheet allows us to improve our athletes shooting, passing and stickhandling skills all year long! We have programs that run monthly all year long as well as a more intense Spring and Summer lineup that will push our clients to the limits during the off season. Contact Andrew with any questions and sign up today!

Total Athlete Training Program

LBH will again offer an intense 9 week program for a select group of athletes this summer. Participation in this program is by invitation only and will consist of a total athletic training program to improve our players in all athletic abilities. Combining 2 On-Ice weekly sessions with 4 Off Ice training sessions, we will strive to not only improve hockey skill development but also all around athletic ability. On- Ice sessions will cover all aspects of the game including Power Skating, Stickhandling, Shooting and Competition drills. Off ice, we will combine our Speed, Agility, Core Training, Balance, Plyometrics and Strength Training Curriculum with various activities such as Yoga, Soccer Tennis, Rock Climbing and Cross Training. We are striving to improve our players overall athletic abilities so that they can excel in various sports. All on ice sessions will take place at the Dover Ice Arena, then players will be transported over to complete their off ice training at the LBH Training Facility. A total of 108 training hours over the course of 9 weeks. If interested in this invite only group, please email Andrew.

Summer High School Strength Training

We offer a 9 week High School Strength Training Program that will teach our clients the proper techniques to improve on overall Strength, Balance, Agility, Core Training among many others. Our Program is designed by hockey players for hockey players which separates us from many of the other competitors. We translate all of our movements to how we play on the ice therefore getting the most out of every exercise that we do. Players will be able to use the Synthetic Ice sheet to work on their shots and stick handling during or after each workout session. We will also have a weekly on ice session at the Dover Arena on Thursdays from 5-6pm. The Summer Session will start the week of June 27nd and end August 25th.

Spring Off Ice Training Program 4 per group Tuesdays- Thursdays April 5th- June 9th (10 Weeks)
Ages 6-13 Email
or call 603-343-1120
Summer Off Ice Training Program 4 per group Tuesdays- Thursdays June 28th- Aug 18th (8 weeks)
Ages 6-13 Email
or call 603-343-1120
*NEW* - Synthetic Ice Private Training Lesson Individual By Appointment
All Ages Email
or call 603-343-1120
$40/ half hour
Total Athlete Training Program 4 June 27th - Aug 26th Mon/Tues/Thur/Fri (9 weeks)
12-16 8:00am - 11:00am $1200.00

Summer High School Strength Training 9 per group June 27th-Aug 26th

9 weeks
14-18 Mon-Tues-Thurs-Fri


Email Andrew for information and time slots.